Everything changes
and nothing remains still.

This quote is ascribed to an ancient Greek philosopher, and it certainly applies as much to the printing industry as it does to life itself. At the Journeyman Press, we’re excited about many changes.

Leading off is the news that I’ve recently become the company’s new owner – though I’m certainly no stranger to print. I’ve been with Journeyman since 2011 and have worked with several other printing firms for years before that.

I’ve been a pressman, customer service rep, planner, operations manager, and a salesman. Moving up through the ranks has taught me so much and given me such pride in the field. There’s no better print training than doing the work oneself, and my history should tell you that printing is what I care about and what I identify with. I’m as passionate about this industry today as I was when I started 25 years ago.

This new leadership position at Journeyman is exciting.
I have faith in the future of print.

Our whole team is enthusiastic about print’s new role in business today. We’ll continue to invest in new equipment and will be expanding our offerings. A new website is also in the works.

What hasn't changed is our focus.
It remains on our customers.

Please contact me at (978) 465-8950 or via email at danat@jpress.com with any inquiries. And bookmark us so that you don’t miss our new web site!

Dana Thoms, President


We continue to offer excellent quality, consistency and quick turnaround in our bindery department. And great things are happening here. We’ve recently invested in new bindery equipment that can produce wire-o® binding, (spiral) binding in plastic, and GBC binding.

What does this mean for you? We can do this finishing in-house, so you save days on turnaround time for projects like wire-o® booklets and calendars. There’s no time lost, which comes in really handy if you need us to produce a second run quickly.

To augment our die-cutting capability, we’ve added a piece of equipment that automatically creates pocket folders from die-cut sheets. And we also added a machine that allows us to glue and laminate counter cards and packaging products. It also enables us to mount easels on the backs of POP displays.